Thursday, 9 August 2012

My Life

I was born in 1958 the youngest of three brothers my father although blind was at the time a basket maker by trade and also a talented piano player who because of the charity work he performed was awarded a M.B.E. in 1996. My life began in a terraced house in Seaton Delaval were I lived for 7 years till we moved half a mile down the road to Holywell during these times me and my brothers used to spend most of our time outside playing no matter the weather one of our favourite but now I look back on dangerous games used to be to climb on the wash house roofs and jump from one to the other many the time I went home covered in cuts and scratches from when I just had not jumped far enough or someone shouted just as I was about to jump. We also regularly walked down to the beach at Seaton Sluice or go down the local dene and make swings across the burn these were good times as on your way home from school you could just walk into peoples houses and see what they had been upto I also learned who baked or cooked different things on different days so by the time I got home I was always to full for my tea, the main regret is that is what community life was like there is no way you could ever do that now more's the pity. At the age of four I started my education at Holywell First School which is still open at the moment I was at the best what you would call an average student but I also had a knack which the teachers could not believe and that was staring out of the window and when they caught me and asked what they had been saying I could repeat it to them, the worst part of my young school life was when they kept trying to get me to write with my right hand when I am left handed no matter how or what they tried as soon as my pencil got near the paper I would swap to my left hand back then if you were left handed they tended to think you were slow but I proved them wrong by being one of the quickest learners in my age group.

That is enough for now will continue my rather boring life later.

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