Thursday, 16 August 2012

My Life part 3

Yes this was the start of my first big adventure 11 years old and leaving home to go to Brown Rigg Boarding School at Bellingham to be honest I was both excited and scared at the same time as this would be the first time I had been away from home for more than just a few days but excited to see what all the fuss was about with this school I was soon to find out. Within 2 days of arriving I was put into detention for trying to hit some one with a rock as they were running away from me however in my defense the other kid was bigger than me but he pushed the wrong buttons and I lost it if  he had stayed near me I would have just thumped him with my fists  but he chose to run so I threw a rock at him, detention here was a lot different from most schools as it actually took place on nights when other activities were planned for example friday night was film night but the worst was if you were in detention on saturday nights as this was dance/disco night one of the only times you did not get into trouble for trying to chat the girls up, oops I forgot to mention it was a mixed boarding school the girls and boys dormitories were seperated by a large grassy area. This being the case it was not long before I had my first real girlfriend with all the kissing and cuddling, after lessons had finished there was other activities to do these were canoeing,swimming,cross country walks and others the one I enjoyed quite a lot was working on the small farm that school had were we kept hens,pigs,calves and some horses you were allowed into Bellingham during the week and on saturdays every sunday though we had to go to church and the year staff made sure you had some coppers for the collection plate, me and a few others tried to check the different churches out to see which one held the shortest service unfortunately we got caught and made to go to our proper churches.After church on sundays came a treat most of us with some sense did not look forward to and that was the sunday hike we must have covered every blade of grass between Bellingham and Otterburn plus Reedsdale during the 5 terms I spent their but I thoroughly enjoyed it as it taught us self discipline amongst other things. It was a good time in my life and it was there that I learned I had a knack for making things with my hands and also my love of photography unfortunately none of my photos from this early point in my life survived my knack of losing things like I said after 5 terms I decided I had had enough so I left there and came back home and started a new chapter of my life at the local schools.

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