Thursday, 23 August 2012

My Life part4

Well I left Brown Rigg Boarding school and returned home to Holywell and the start of a new school Whytrig Middle school now as schools go this was not a bad school I knew quite alot of people as I had went to primary school with a great many of them but I also made new friends and also a run in with the bullies but after I stood upto them a few times they left me alone the lessons here were a mixed bag as with some subjects I was ahead of them and with others I was behind no biggee just pulled my sleeves up and got on with it.My knack for doing practical work came to the fore in one or two of my lessons were I improvised to get the result that was needed but not the way the teachers had come to them this caused fun when I had to try and explain the logic in how I had reached the result they wanted but differently to the way they wanted it. Well I was back home and as well as a new school to go to I started getting back into my old habits of finishing my homework and straight outside going down the dene around to the pond playing on the green out the front of the house with the other kids, I would like to point out that what the middle school and later the high school called cross country runs were a joke compared to those at brown rigg where you were running up and down the fells and through streams then they wondered why a shorty like me was able to beat some of the so called best when we did them, the high school was a bit like a cross country as you used to go out of the bottom gate next to the all weather pitch along a path and into the fields down into the dene back up a hill and then back to school easy the one not so funny P.E. lesson I had at the high school was the week after I had had my appendix out despite a note from me mam to excuse me they still made me do the try outs for the school sports day I was not very impressed neither was my mam she did not half give the school what for. But I digress I spent a pleasant and mainly uneventful time and both schools I did take part in some after school groups the had and as part of my music exam at the high school I took part in the performing of the Mikado and The Pirates of Penzance by Gilbert and Sullivan just in the chorus though at the age of sixteen my exams behind me I was nearly ready to start that most daunting part of my life I was leaving school, I had no idea what I wanted to do except it had to be something where I was using my hands.

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