Monday, 21 November 2011

That time of year

It is that time of year again when all the flowers and trees start changing into their autmnal colours of all the different shades of yellows and browns then most of the flowers will fade away waiting to be awoken again the following spring while the trees shed their leaves in preparation for the onset of winter. This can be a magical time of the year for photography as you get to see things in a different  way for example a stunning oak with all is foliage looks like a picture out of a fairy tale while in winter it becomes something completely different when all its foliage has gone on a misty winters evening one can almost see the figures and ghosts of the undead swirling and gyrating in the mist below the branches.           
It is also the time of year when we get the chance to see different species of birds as they pass through on their wintry migrations sometimes you may see something rare for your area of the country that you may only see once in a blue moon for example last year at about this time we had an unexpected visit from a rare wading bird a semi-palmated sandpiper and a fleeting visit from some brent geese other parts of the country may be used to such visitors but for a small area like this it is a lovely happening so with any luck may we be as lucky this year.                                                                                                                                       

Monday, 14 November 2011

The Pond

There is a pond where I live that I have been visiting all through the various stages of my life but I found it strange that someone who had lived in the same area as me for the past 20 years had not even known of its existence until I told them one day when they saw me with my camera and asked where I was going. How can people live in an area for so long yet know so little about it but ask them about say places in Spain or elsewhere abroad and they would be able to tell you everything about the place to be honest I do not mind as it leaves it unchanged by not being visited by too many people.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Photography and what I think

People may not agree with my views on photography and that is okay with me as everyone has their own opinion and before people mention it yes I know people changed the way their photos looked in  the traditional darkroom but not too the extent that it is now possible in editing software. I strive to get the photo I want in camera without spending lots of time in front of a computer I still use editing software but only for the bare minimum of work like cropping and resizing all the rest I try to get done while taking the photo, for example if I want soft lit background I will use the old trick of smearing some vaseline onto an old uv filter and playing with it till I get the effect I want.

Monday, 7 November 2011

Nice area for a life

Well folks as you can see from these four photos I live in a nice little slice of England with a good variety of subjects to practice my photography on what more could one ask for its the best of everything as the coast is only a 20 minute walk away

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Drugs raid

Police have just released a press statement about a drugs raid I quote "Today in conjunction with Centaurpol the Dunnycatville Drug Enforcement Officers recovered a large shipment of illegal equine and bovine steroids as they were being bagged for distribution at a local mixed race health club The Dunnyplex officers estimate the haul to be worth 2 million Blatys". The owner of the Dunnyplex one Jeremy T. Littlething was unavailable for comments on whether he was part of what was going on.

How Dunnycatville began continued

Today was founders day and all the citizens were excited as the celebrations would be going on till the early hours of the morning. During the night the night dwelling citizens had done their part in preparing for the party and now it was up to the daytime citizens to do their part everybody has been involved even the children making lanterns and bunting at school and the food was unbelievable as it was all various family recipes from all the various races of citizens who now called Dunnycatville their home.

How Dunnycatville began

The sleepy Hamlet of Dunnycatville is hidden in the depths of the Great Merkel forest in the enchanted land of Limbiconia the ancestors of the first Dunnycat were said to have come across the great mountains in the Northern Wilderness from which they brought new animals and skills here is the pathway leading to Dunnycatville.

The citizens of Dunnycatville are now a mixed bunch of both daytime and nighttime races and so it is that only on certain special occassions do they gather socially

Pics of the day

here are some of my favourite sunrise photos that I have taken recently please note I do very little if any post capture processing on my photos.

My slice of heaven

The area I live in canin some ways be called a little slice of heaven as I only have to leave my front door then 5 minutes later I am in the countryside within a space of about 3sq miles I have access to woodlands,ponds and the beach this gives me a nice varied outlook for my photography with different habitats within such close proximity of each other from plantlife to seascapes to birds and animals for example the three photos represent just a little of what I can see with a 5 minute walk from my front door like I said its a slice of heaven.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Breaking News

It is with deep regrets we have to announce the tragic death of the oldest dwarf in Dunnycatville Jimmy Kacklesnuff expired in his sleep at the ripe old age of 580 it is believed that he accidentally suffocated on his beard during his sleep. Farewell Jimmy.