Friday, 20 May 2016

Europe once more

If ever their was a sign telling us to leave the E.U. it is the latest statement from them telling us to build houses for more refugees excuse me while I laugh there is not enough social/local authority housing for people already living in this country without us being told to build more specifically for refugees.

Monday, 16 May 2016

In or Out of Europe

These are my thoughts on it, I have been reading and listening with a little interest into the reasons we should stay or leave the E.U. and to be honest I think they are all trash taking each other, the only real thing is the uncertainty of what will happen either way. Which is basically the same as when we joined the E.U. back in the 70's , they also keep going on about how many jobs will be saved if we stay but how about the millions of jobs and loss of our core manufacturing industries we have lost since we joined. Me personally I will be voting to leave as how much worse can this country get than it is already as I said these are my thoughts so please do not bother replying to this.