Sunday, 12 August 2012

My Life part 2

So where was I ah yes I was 5 years old and had started school which was good fun and unlike nowadays where the kids get dropped off at school I used to walk the half mile there and back my myself calling in at various peoples houses on the way home to see what goodies they had been baking, then after getting home doing homework and getting changed it was time to get outside and enjoy myself before tea one time me and my middle brother Leslie were playing and exploring where they had pulled some old houses down and we came across a mouses nest and being the age we were we thought the babies had been abandoned so wor kid put them in his jeans pocket and we went home as we got near the front door me mam came to the front door and as soon as she saw him wor Les went red and me mam said "what have you been upto"" nothing" came the reply what have you got in your pockets again nothing so she put her hand in his pocket and shrieked you little devil take them back immediately and wor Les but mam they were all by themselves at this she turned him round and marched us both back to where we had found them and made him put them back, this was only one of the things many a time when she was cleaning our bedroom she would find birds with broken wings that we were looking after hidden behind the wardrobe. Those were the days I had my first crush on a girl well not really a girl but one of the young female teachers at school I was broken hearted when she left to get married however it was not long before a young girl more my age took my fancy, you know what it is like at that age a different girlfriend every other week but the still were not allowed to come down the dene and play on the rope swings we used to string up, we also used to build little camps most of the time these were just lumps of wood and boards pulled into a clumb of bushes to form the walls it was great fun. The first real change to my life came when I was about eleven both my brothers had went to Brown Rigg Boarding School so I decided that I wanted to go as well it was weird because before I could go I had to have an interview with people from the school and local education lot needless to say I surprised myself and my mother by passing the interview and being accepted for Brown Rigg and that is were my blog will pick up.

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