Saturday, 9 February 2013


Blogging there are a number of reasons why people blog these include self promotion of their talents such as writing,photography and arts then you have those who use them as a way to get their political and religious views across, those who use it to document their life and then you have the likes of me who do it for fun I write what I think I make up what I think are funny news stories and post photos if people do not like what I blog than the easy solution is do not read my blogs I do not deliberately set out to offend people but if they take offense tough stop being sensitive and taking everything people say or write personally jokes and funny stories about politics and religion have been around as long as man has been alive. These are my own opinions.

Monday, 4 February 2013

Morning out for retail therapy

Well went out for some retail therapy ended up doing food shopping instead came back with 2 bags of food and only 1 second hand 360 game for myself something wrong there, but at least I have extra food in the house now lol but what is it with shops I mean I went out for some trainers went in three shops and not one had a size 6 I mean they had all the sizes around them but none in my size and what is it with coats I tried 4 different ones on in a large now I am not muscle bound and was only wearing a t-shirt but I could not get the sleeves over my biceps is everyone supposed to have skinny arms skinny legs and big feet.