Monday, 23 April 2012


Well I am slightly bored at the moment as I cannot walk very far due to the artritis in my knees so feel as if I have been missing out on photo opportunities so have decided to try and take photos of household items and try and make them look mysterious. On the birding front however I have a pair of House Sparrows nesting in one of the old House Martin nests on the front of my house I have also seen my first Swallows,Sand Martins and House Martins of the year so not to unhappy.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Heart attacks

As a person who has suffered a major heart attack I would just like to share my views about them as soon as you tell some one you have had a heart attack the vast majority act as if you are unable to do things for yourself any more and the trouble is some people who have heart attacks act the same way me I must be wierd because I can actually laugh about it even though I was told it was close to me cashing out you see when I had mine I just thought the pain in my arm,neck and jaw where down to a pulled muscle and I waited over four hours of the pain gradually getting worse before getting my brother to call the ambulance. I must admit it gave me food for thought while I was recovering in hospital to think about changes I could make to my way of life, but first after recent events highlighted in the press and media about cardiac problems I would like to say that while definitely not of the same fitness level of Fabrice Muamba I was also not just a couch potatoe I used to regularly cycle about 150 to 200 miles per week I ate a healthyish diet but in my case a combination of things led to my heart attack. I could joke about it with other people because unlike some I could see the funny side of the way it happened that and the fact that I had survived yes they can be a frightening experience when they are happening but not everyone has the chest pains that are the classic sign of a heart attack. What I have learned from it is if you survive although you may not be able to do everything you could you adapt to replace them with other things that help keep you fit as is possible.