Friday, 11 January 2013

View from a coffee shop (part1)

Well peepssitting here having a peppermint latte watching the world drift by and as the diffeent people pass trying to give them a job that matches tge way they look for example a middle aged woman tidily dressed with her hair in either a bun or pony tail I would say was either a school teacher or some type of office worker self confident but if annoyed a vitriolic tongue and then you have the unmistajable mothers meeting all sitting drinking their skinny cappuccinos and eating brown toast discussing how little Johnny/Jane are getting on at school and then the bitchy comments about others not in their clique such as did you see the way such & such was dressed they looked like mutton dressed as lamb all the while their pre-school angels are running wild disturbing otherpeople with out them even saying stop that it is naughty or come here and stop making a noise, then you have my favourites the mothers who try to make themselves look as young as their daughters some can pull it off but others look like Rupaul or Lily Savage on a bad day end of part one next we have the men.

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