Monday, 14 January 2013

View from a coffee shop (part 2)

Then we have the men these are a completely different breed to the women lets start with the most obvious the middle aged man smartly dressed clutching a portfolio case as if it might escape and attack someone all the while looking around both outside and inside before deciding I have come up with 2 reasons for this behaviour 1) should I have a sneaky coffee before going back to work and tell them I got caught in a traffic jam 2) this is my favourite he has lost his job but has not told his wife yet so he is checking to see if any of her friends are around. Then we have the obvious student with that many peircings he looks like a walking jewellery store a satchel hanging over their shoulder checking the coins they have to see if they have enough for a couple of the cheapest drinks so they do not look like total freeloaders as they use the free wi-fi. Then we have the elderly gents and their other half having a treat and a rest while waiting for their bus. Finally we have the male and females like me the daydreamers and the curious just sitting watching the workd go by and letting our imaginations run wild with out ideas and dreams. These were my views from a coffee shop hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed the lattes while I was writing them cheers.

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