Thursday, 31 January 2013

Coffee Shops

Have you noticed whether it is a big name or independant coffee shop with free WiFi they both have two main customers in common the students and the silver surfer both after the free WiFi but most of the other customers differ slightly you have some that use both you have those that only use the big name and you have those that only use the indie ones I have my own theory on this 1) those that use both just like coffee no matter the cost. 2) those that use the big name purely because of that oh they have lots of stores they must be good. 3) those that use the small indie ones reckon you get better value for your money and friendlier staff. I however tend to disagree with the second two and fall into group 1 and use both because I like coffee and you get good and bad staff in both. These are my own observations and opinions.

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