Friday, 21 September 2012

On the bus

Just a short one here about the thing I noticed while on the bus this morning I was sitting their just looking around and watching the faces of the people getting on and off the bus you had the elderly whose faces were etched with the lines their life had left upon them some sad some full of smiles but all looking as if they could tell interesting stories of when they were young, then you had those middle aged with their smiles and hiding their concerns over the rising cost of bills and child care, then you had the teens with the devil may care attitude of youth and the air of I can do anything wait another few years young friends and of course you have the primary school and pre school children with their impish it was not me look and the why can't I do that then of course you have the likes of me sitting their looking and thinking and wishing to be young again oh well never mind maybe in my next life I will be taller lol.

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