Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Life and living

Well peeps lets see where this takes me life and living to me these are one and the same as to have a life you have to be living however the quality of life can be defined as the way you are living your life are you still with me so far 1) the way you live your life are you selfish are you kind are you nasty are you to soft do you bully people do you let people bully you do you enjoy yourself our is it all work work work. 2) do you like being sociable do you like being by yourself. With these as a starting point firstly their is nothing wrong preferring to be by yourself ouside of your working life in fact the majority of people even though they do not register like being by themselves this can be seen by the types of hobbies people partake in.But hey everyone to their own but my point is if you live a more sharing and caring type of life then as well as feeling good about yourself then others will appreciate you more.

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