Wednesday, 5 September 2012

My Life part 6

I will not bore you with all the various contract jobs I had but must admit one of the funniest places I worked was a local factory where everyday was like episodes of a soap opera with whispers of who was seeing who, who was cheating and lots of other juicy gossip if you were interested even though I was fired from this Job I bear no ill will to any of the staff or the firm for this because as it turns out they did me a favour as I ended up back welding on twice what I had been making in the factory #result for me.While working I still kept myself reasonably fit or so I thought by cycling nearly 200 hundred miles a week this included cycling to work and back and going out for pleasure rides I also took part in various charity rides the most notable of which was The Great North Cycle ride which had some nice little hills in it I did this for 8 years in a row before I started having problems with my knees and heart however I was still able to do small bike rides around my local area. I also refound my love of photography and bought my first digital camera which was good at the time as it boasted 4mega pixel however I have progressed since then and now own DSLR's I still however use film now and again as even though there have been massive leaps and bounds in technology sometimes you just cannot whack good old film. Well suffice to say I am nearly up to date my son got married and he and his wife have given me two wonderful grandchildren Nathaniel Clayton Bear and Amelia Joan Lucy I think these are two reasons that have stopped me giving up due to my ever increasing health problems but will save those for other blogposts lol and there we have it my life such as it has been now to wait and see what the future has to bring.

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