Wednesday, 6 May 2015

My thoughts on the bus

Please be aware these are entirely my own thoughts in a satirical sort of way. While sitting on the bus heading out on my daily journey it amazes me the different people you see either getting on the bus or waiting for one or a lift off a friend or work colleague from students to office workers and manual workers. First lets start with the students some dress like they have slept in their clothes others are dressed to the nines as if they have a heavy date or going out on the drink hoping to get lucky, you also have the ones who look the part nice and casual no make up insight by this you could say these are the more natural and confident in themselves that they do not hide behind a fake facade. Next the more mature or supposedly mature bus users you have the men who try and get away with dying their hair and trying to dress and talk trendy while you have some of the women and here I will use an old adage mutton dressed like lamb, some manage to carry it off others will put you off your dinner the same is also true of the men. And finally of course you have those who dress and act their age, unfortunately I am not one of them as I still dress and act like I did in the Eighties.

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